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Whatever your field, Fenzi not only ensures high levels of performance (often the highest), but also the peace of mind that comes from the total reliability, durability over time, ease-of-use and customer service designed to understand and meet the needs of those in the glass processing industry.



July 2017

Ultra-high speed and utmost efficiency are hallmarks of the Tecglass F Type model


Production of the most innovative and intricate projects calls for the most advanced technology available, capable of ensuring the best print quality in the shortest possible time. Compared to traditional screen printing, Tecglass machines are able to reproduce any graphic design in the most varied sizes, in real time, and at the fastest speeds.

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The Fenzi Group

The Fenzi Group offers professionals and companies around the world the best solutions for secondary processing of flat glass. You are about to meet a company that is as much a family business, made up of people, as it is a major international group, capable of relating to any stakeholder, large or small, near or far.

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The Glass Alliance network

all over the world

network Glass Alliance A real, genuine alliance, created to offer industry professionals the best service and latest-generation technologies. Fenzi, Alu-Pro and Rolltech, three top notch companies on the cutting edge of quality and reliability in their respective fields, have created a network that places customer service at the center of everything.

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