Code of conduct


To all Personnel, Clients, Suppliers and Partners of Fenzi.


Fenzi Group stands out on the market not only for the Quality and innovative content of its products, but also for its responsible conduct towards its Employees, the Environment, Society and all its Partners  who have confirmed the Group’s international reputation.

Fenzi Group exports to over 80 countries, and in each of them it undertakes to respect the local values, traditions and cultures,  contributing to the wellbeing and social stability of the communities in which it operates.

The fundamental principles of conduct have therefore been established in order to ensure that all Fenzi personnel  observe the company policy, and the applicable laws and regulations constituting the code.

It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that all the employees are acquainted with the rules, and that they are understood and implemented.


Company policy



  • Fenzi Group considers its employees as one of the Company’s strengths, therefore it undertakes to maintain a working environment that is safe and free from harassment, supporting the principle of equal opportunity and opposing any form of  discrimination connected with race, color, ethnic origin, social class, gender, sexual orientation,  marital status,  contractual position, religion, personal and political opinions, disability, age. (EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Nice 2000).
  • Fenzi Group undertakes to maintain a serene working environment, in which all the employees are listened to and treated with dignity  and respect through the support and supervision of its management.
  • Fenzi Group employs personnel based on aptitude, suitability, qualifications, competences and experience in line with the tasks to be performed, providing all necessary training.
  • Fenzi Group is contrary to all forms of child or forced labor, and complies at all times with minimum working age requirements in all countries in which it operates, not making use of forced labor under any circumstances in any of its activities.
  • Fenzi Group undertakes to offer safe healthy working conditions for all its employees in order to prevent  personal injuries; for this purpose health and safety training programs are regularly held in compliance with the law.
  • For Fenzi Group the training and preparation of its staff are critical factors; all necessary resources are therefore made available to develop their professional competence and stimulate them to realize their full potential. 


Laws, regulations and government authorities

  • If Fenzi Group is contacted by any government body with a request for information, inspection or legitimate investigation,  the employees are required to provide full cooperation in consultation with their  supervisor, maintaining a professional, objective and transparent conduct.
  • All the information produced within the organization is and remains the property of Fenzi Group  and shall not, unless required legally or otherwise, be disclosed to third parties without prior authorization.
  • Each employee is required to protect the intellectual property of the Group, such as  trademarks, patents and commercial secrets.
  • It is common practice for Fenzi Group to observe all the laws and regulations in force  in the various countries in which it operates.
  • Fenzi Group can introduce different regulations governing the performance of its company activities, such as regulations concerning Health, Safety, Ethics, Quality and the Environment. It is the management’s responsibility to ensure that all the employees become aware of and apply said regulations.
  • The management and the staff involved are required to meticulously observe the anti-corruption laws in force in the countries in which Fenzi Group operates, including illegal facilitation payments in relation to its activities.
  • The management and staff involved undertake to reject and not instigate  any act of sabotage, terrorism or vandalism that could cause harm to humans, property and the environment.
  • When managing the activities of Fenzi Group, the staff may be required to deal with a number of legal problems, and it is therefore the responsibility of the Company to ensure that all the employees are adequately updated on all pertinent local laws for the purpose of carrying out their work to the best of their ability.   


Code of Ethics


Clients and Suppliers

  • Fenzi Group is aware of possible trade limitations in the countries in which it operates; it therefore acts in full compliance with the national and international regulations in relation to export controls applicable to its activity. 
  • Fenzi Group is aware of the importance of fair market competition and is committed to ensuring that its commercial activities are carried out in compliance with the competition laws and regulations in force in the countries and regions in which it operates.
  • Fenzi Group undertakes to meet the needs of its clients on a daily basis, offering products which are innovative, dependable and in compliance with human and environmental safety, starting from selection of the raw materials.
  • For Fenzi Group the commitment of all its employees and collaborators is fundamental in order to establish lasting commercial relations with its clients, as a guarantee for all the parties involved. 
  • The suppliers are selected and evaluated on the basis of their characteristics in terms of  quality, innovation, environmental impact, costs and services, prioritizing those who have a code of ethics.
  • Fenzi Group undertakes to communicate with its partners openly and transparently, observing the applicable laws and regulations, always taking into account the values, traditions and local culture in each of the countries in which it operates.


Antitrust laws

  • Fenzi Group is committed to operating according to the rules of fair competition, in compliance with the  antitrust laws.
  • Fenzi Group considers competition an opportunity for improving  the products and services offered, respecting the environment and consumer health. Fenzi Group therefore rejects anti-competition agreements with competitor companies.


Prevention of money laundering

  • Fenzi Group undertakes to comply with all fiscal obligations; given the number and location of its factories, it works with external auditors in order to guarantee the legal compliance of each one. 
  • The company’s sales activity is governed by national and international laws, and the sales specialists  must ensure that the import/export activities are conducted lawfully, in compliance with the applicable customs and foreign trade regulations.


Accounting and administrative transparency

  • In order to safeguard the Shareholders, and guarantee the accuracy of the financial reports,  Fenzi Group works with consultants to ensure that all the transactions are fully detailed and the Fenzi Group assets are correctly recorded.
  • All the accounting and accounting entries shall be documented in such a way as to clearly identify the commercial transactions. No financial record or document may be false or misleading.



  • Fenzi Group guarantees open and timely communication  with its employees, shareholders and commercial partners. Company social media declarations may be issued only by authorized personnel. 
  • Fenzi Group requires all its partners, employees and collaborators to share the principles of the code of ethics.


Data protection

  • Fenzi Group uses programs that allow electronic data exchange between its companies and with its commercial  partners, guaranteeing the right to the privacy of said data.  
  • The employees can collect, use and process personal data only if strictly necessary and permitted. 
  • Non-authorized interventions on the company IT systems are prohibited, in order to prevent deterioration of the data and damage to the processes of Fenzi Group.


Environmental protection

  • Fenzi Group undertakes to fully integrate the environmental regulations in all its commercial activities. It accepts its commercial responsibilities and recognizes its obligation to reduce the environmental impact of its activities and products.  Fenzi Group’s objective is the ongoing improvement of its environmental performance. This also involves saving natural resources, preventing pollution, reducing emissions and waste, and developing an effective waste management system. 
  • Fenzi Group establishes environmental objectives and goals and measures its performance relative to these goals. This strategy is disclosed to all the employees, encouraging them to adopt a more responsible attitude to the environment.




The concept of Social Responsibility forms an integral part of the philosophy that has always distinguished  Fenzi Group and its activity.


Fenzi Group’s policy is to work in harmony with its employees, its clients who will benefit from the results of its work, and all its  partners, always considering the social and cultural context in order to ensure wellbeing for everyone.


Fenzi Group aims to minimize the environmental impact of its activities and products, always choosing  the greenest alternatives in order to achieve its objective of sustainable development.