Quality policy

"Total Quality is an essential tool for achieving our commercial objectives worldwide", with respect for the environment and operator safety always the number one priority.


  • Considering the aims of the Company and the context in which it operates, we have established an appropriate “Program” with the involvement of all the staff and collaborators, supported and encouraged by top management which provides the resources necessary for developing and improving the system.
  • The program is periodically reviewed, updated and improved,  taking advantage of the opportunities identified via risk and opportunities analyses, analyses of experiences gained in the course of ordinary company business, and analyses of new needs required by the context, complying with all current regulations.
  • Fenzi Group has always planned its work meticulously respecting the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, legality, transparency and honesty, considering them prerequisites for correct operation and development of the Company, including the safeguarding of its trustworthiness, reputation and image, in addition to the ongoing satisfaction of its clients.
  • The fundamental principles of corporate conduct have therefore been established in order to ensure respect for the universally recognized and established ethical standards, respect for the company policy, and the applicable laws and regulations forming the Code. 
  • We have defined and developed a policy of corporate responsibility which includes the anti-corruption policy, a code of good practice for the employees and a policy of ethical growth. 
  • We maintain long-term relations with our Clients and Suppliers based on an understanding of mutual needs to ensure complete satisfaction.
  • Our ongoing priority is customer satisfaction, and we therefore require all our collaborators to be pro-active in order to provide products that comply with the highest quality levels and at the same time entail the lowest human and environmental risk.
  • We constantly evaluate strategies for improvement in all sectors of our activity, rejecting quality below the specified standard and wastage of resources in any part or phase of the company activity.
  • We operate in compliance with the  mandatory requirements and according to systems and  procedures compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI ISO 28000:2022 standards enabling us to achieve our goals.
  • We promote the Policy, ensuring that it is understood and supported at all levels of the Company.
  • We use "Management Indicators" strictly correlated with our objectives that enable us to evaluate both our internal improvements and effective customer satisfaction.