Advanced Glass Technologies - a new technology hub for the Fenzi Group

July 2022


With headquarters at its Maastricht plant in the Netherlands near the borders with Belgium and Germany, Fenzi AGT Advanced Glass Technologies is considered a quintessential partner in the world of glass, thanks to the superior quality of its vast range of technologies.

The Maastricht factory is a true center of expertise in materials science, operating in tandem with the production facilities in the United States, Mexico, Shanghai and Thailand, and with many other service centers on every continent. A first-class production plant and advanced industrial research laboratory, it engineers high-performance materials for the glass, ceramics and electronics industries. This multipurpose facility is equipped with the most cutting-edge tools, including client support in developing custom products for special projects.

AGT has a wealth of experience in precious metals and currently designs, develops and produces a vast range of high-tech products for the automotive glass, electronic components, tableware, advanced ceramics and traditional and technical glass markets. Products like special glass enamels for the automotive industry, conductive silver pastes, inks made with precious metals, ceramic enamels for decoration of architectural glass, home appliances and hollow glass, all enjoy an outstanding international reputation and set AGT apart as a primary resource for glass manufacturers and processors aiming to produce end products with the finest qualitative and performance levels. A culture of quality and a quest for excellence that have always been part of the Group’s history.


Specialists, since day one, in glass decoration with precious metals

Production in the Netherlands began in Maastricht in the second half of the 19th century when the eminent Regout family started a decoration business in the city, producing and supplying liquid gold, initially to the ceramics industry and then to the glass industry.
A long-standing tradition of achievements contributed to making the Maastricht plant a key actor in the production and supply of precious metals, pigments and glass-based materials, not only for the European market but also globally. This pivotal growth plan promises to thrive as part of the Fenzi Group, and will benefit from its extensive, unique global network within the glass industry.

Located in the industrial area of Beatrixhaven, just outside Maastricht, the AGT plant is now one of the Fenzi Group centers of excellence for decorative glass materials and base of operations for crucial production activities, innovation and development.
The Downingtown location is a leading glass industry resource for the Americas. AGT Shanghai operates primarily in China and South Korea, while the Bangkok branch in Thailand is the strategic distribution unit for all of Indonesia and Oceania.


Today and tomorrow

With its extensive experience in the development of colors and the dispersion of precious metals, AGT successfully services and supplies a broad spectrum of industries operating in the traditional markets of surface decoration as well as in the most innovative markets for high-quality ceramic materials still under development.
Known around the world as a market leader in the production of glass enamels for automotive vehicles, Fenzi Advanced Glass Technologies now possesses a vast range of automotive glass enamels used by practically every brand of vehicle. Developed in response to specific demand by clients they are perfectly compatible with the many industrial methods of glass production and bending currently in use. Fenzi AGT glass enamels and silver pastes are used by the top global actors in the glass industry. In the recent past, AGT has made substantial investments in R&D facilities and continues to develop market-leading black obscuration enamels and silver paste products in response to the steadily increasing challenges faced by the automotive industry.

The development of highly innovative products used in very diverse areas of application is perfectly aligned with the strategic vision of the Fenzi Group. By joining the leading manufacturer of chemicals for secondary processing of glass ‒ able to offer high-performance products in every field of glass use ‒ AGT has already brought tangible benefits to clients who can thus count on an extremely broad range of products for all types of glass processing, from the most traditional to the most innovative technologies, bringing to the market a comprehensive key player for the global glass industry.


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