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The latest to benefit from the total overhaul of Fenzi Group communication is Glass Alliance, the network set up in 2001 for the production and distribution worldwide of sealants, aluminium profiles and profiles in steel and stainless steel. The new website, online since last summer, provides producers of insulating glass with all the information required for a complete overview of everything that the network makes available to them.
Organised by product range, the content deals again with the themes already handled in the official Glass Alliance brochure, while further detailing the presentation of the products of the three network members in the products area.
Fenzi sealants are analysed one by one to identify more accurately the specifications, performances and methods of use of each one. Product data sheets, downloadable in PDF format, illustrate with precision the differences between the various types of sealant and thus guide choices for a specific purchase.
The same approach is naturally applied to aluminium profiles from Alu-Pro and profiles in steel and stainless steel from Rolltech: the product data sheets in this case are particularly exhaustive, with in-depth information on all the essential specifications (shapes, sizes, finishes, quantities, etc.) in order to plan purchasing according to the relevant production needs.
Glass Alliance’s main competitive edge is definitely its successful satisfaction of the supply needs of insulating glass producers at all times and in all corners of the world. This is why the International section offers a complete list, with addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, of all the production units in existence. The production plants also act as product sorting centres, in addition to strictly commercial subsidiaries and an extensive network of agents and distributors. In practice the coverage is total and this explains why the majority of manufacturers of insulating glass throughout the world use at least one of the products distributed by Glass Alliance as components on an ongoing basis.
The Press section serves the international press and anybody who wants to stay up-to-date as regards the most important changes and news in the insulating glass industry during the year. It contains all the press releases produced by the designated press office whenever newsworthy items require it. The most recent releases are listed in chronological order, although a targeted search of an event, interview or launch of a new product is naturally also possible: on entering a keyword, a special search engine immediately identifies the release required.
Finally it is possible to contact the individual firms that make up the network by filling in a very simple form. Once the contact has been made, a sort of fast track is opened up in order to stay up-to-date in real time as regards the news, schemes and information necessary for better business planning.

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