Fenzi SpA, in synergy with other Milanese companies, associations and institutions, contributes to the “Solidando per l’Ucraina” relief convoy

July 2022


Our country shows its solidarity with those in dire straits, particularly in recent months of escalating international tensions. This endeavor further demonstrates how great results can be achieved in synergy with non-profit organizations carefully guided by public institutions. This was the genesis of the project by which Fenzi SpA became engaged in providing humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. From the inception of the crisis, the “Solidando per l’Ucraina” (“Solidarity with Ukraine”) project organized by IBVA – a non-profit that provides education, emergency housing, employment assistance and food poverty relief – together with other local entities affiliated with the Municipality of Milan, began to collect from residents of the metropolis food and basic necessities that were delivered to the Ukrainian Red Cross in the last few months. The amount of goods collected far exceeded expectations, and clearly showed the immense generosity of all contributors.

Traveling 1600 km from Milan to the border of Poland, the convoy transported humanitarian aid through the heart of Europe to one of the storage facilities set up in the past months. The convoy set out with 13 operators and volunteers in 6 vehicles, including one provided by Fenzi SpA, and carried nearly 10 tons of goods. This major logistics feat, accomplished with the help of many, tangibly demonstrates our solidarity in assisting those affected by this emergency.



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