Fenzi Group in Shanghai for China Glass 2023

April 2023


China Glass 2023, a major appointment for key players in the glass industry, is set to take place May 6th to 9th in the prestigious setting of Shanghai. Fenzi, the leading Group in chemicals for secondary glass processing, will participate in the number-one event of the year for the Asian market through its local Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited, with all the business units. In the spotlight will be innovative components for the manufacture of insulating glass, including latest-gen sealants, high-performance warm edge spacers and decorative paints for all types of applications – automotive, architecture, interior design, home appliances – precious-metal inks, silver pastes, and the best technology for digital printing on glass.


In-depth knowledge of the real needs of the world of glass, acquired in more than 40 years of business in Asia and more than 80 years in the industry, has allowed the Group to achieve steady sales growth in this market. Last year was particularly good for Duralux mirror-backing paints and the chemical silvering line of solutions – a unique kit of products that meets the needs of mirror manufacturers. The full range will be on display at the show.


Especially popular among manufacturers of IG units, given their reputation for high performance and ease of processing, are the Thiover and Butylver lines of sealants and Chromatech Ultra and Multitech warm edge spacers. Certain to draw crowds at China Glass, these products meet the production needs of a market that prioritizes the quality of each individual element in the insulating glass system.


Tempver decorative glass enamels will also be featured at the show in all their possible applications, chief among them are Tempver HG thermoplastic paints for screen printing on glass packaging. Alongside this array of products will be solutions offered by the Fenzi AGT - Advanced Glass Technologies business unit, global center of excellence known for its special glass enamels and precious-metal pastes.


In addition, a gallery of exhibits will allow experts in glass decoration and processing to have hands-on experience with the color rendering and print definition that can be achieved with Tecglass solutions for digital printing on glass.


China Glass 2023 – May 6-9 – Shanghai New China International Exhibition Center (SNIEC)

Fenzi Group: Stand N1 – 186.


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