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The launch of a new advertising campaign is always an event of a certain prominence. This is due to many reasons, one of which is definitely the financial investment which is naturally considered by the investing company to be of primary importance. However there are also less rational reasons. In the advertisement the company sets out to give a description and picture of itself (and of its products) which is as close as possible to that which it considers ideal or which it plans to become. It means conveying a system of values which, in order to reach the target and achieve a connection, need an essential vehicle – creativity. The creative idea alone (which in order to be such has to be appealing and attract attention) can in fact arouse emotion and generate the curiosity and state of mind that are essential for encouraging watching and listening (or reading). The new advertising campaign of the Fenzi group was defined through this lengthy research work and is scheduled to appear in the world’s main specialist magazines from May 2006 onwards. This is advertising that sets out to maintain a continuity of style with the previous campaign in order to avoid unnecessary breaks and not to waste that brand image capital that has been built up these past two years. Yet it also aims at renewal in order to stir up interest and curiosity and keep in step with scenario developments.
For example Thiover, the flagship of Fenzi sealants and currently the best-selling product, has as many as two advertising themes so as to accent its great flexibility and performances. The benefits achieved with insulating glass as a result of its use are highlighted in two diametrically opposite yet complementary situations, one summer and the other winter, demonstrating that differences in temperature and climatic excesses are useless against the perfect Thiover seal. The insulating glass system instead dominates the Glass Alliance advertising idea, which uses the metaphor of oriental meditation to give a vivid illustration of the efficacy of the result obtained with the combined use of Fenzi, Alu Pro and Rolltech products. Decorative paints are no longer represented by Tempver alone but also by Decover, which allows a different system of application for work on large sheets too. It was therefore necessary to enable two products to cohabit in a single context that is indicative of both. The window of a bar, seen from the outside through the decorated words of its menu, reveals a customer eating lunch and allows a play on the concept of a range of paints for all tastes.
Finally we have the most surprising idea - that of Duralux. Mirrors are with us every day and allow us to investigate our faces and our expressions close up. They make us feel ugly or beautiful on occasions and according to our mood. They also make us take action, where possible, to improve or transform ourselves. Just like the case of an actor in Kabuki theatre, the ancient form of Japanese folk drama.

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