Polysulfide sealants for insulating glass: Fenzi Thiover quality proves to be top of the class

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The current globalization of our economy has had the striking effect of providing a multitude of competing businesses access to a single market sector. Even insulating glass manufacturers have been affected by this new situation, so much so that it has become increasingly difficult for them to differentiate and evaluate in a fast and reliable manner the real quality of the products they use. At the same time, the complexity and delicate nature of insulating glass units has grown considerably due to the continuous development of the components being used (float glass, low-emissivity glass, space bars, installation sealants, etc.). In this setting it is now much more important than ever to use high-quality sealants with guaranteed long-lasting performance.

Fenzi has risen to meet this challenge by presenting a comparison study on the products available on the market in order to make it easier for their customers to recognize the true qualitative differences of the various products. Thus Fenzi has performed comparison tests between its own THIOVER sealant and a large number (almost all) of the other products marketed worldwide which appear, at least on paper, to be similar.

All the characteristic factors of sealants have been taken into consideration:

- Chemical Composition
- Application properties
- Physical performance and its retention after ageing cycles

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