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Among the new products at Vitrum, Butylver TPS and Butylver SS play a particularly important role at the Fenzi stand and are bound to add to the spectrum of solutions for high performance IG systems.

Butylver TPS is a very high quality thermoplastic spacer bar developed by Fenzi laboratories specifically for Lenhardt® appliers. The characteristics of TPS technology are emphasized because of its excellent processability and extraordinary thermal performance and durability, as tests conducted by Lenhardt® before its approval go to show. The intent was ensure that it would be perfectly compatible with Thiover of course, which, in addition to being Fenzi’s No.1 sealant is also the one with the highest performance features and a best seller worldwide. The group has therefore further completed its range of warm edge products on which both Fenzi and the Glass Alliance network have concentrated significant investments over recent years. A strategic milestone that CEO Alessandro Fenzi summarizes very well: “Our Butylver TPS is a very good option for people who choose Lenhardt® appliers. Our use of this technology gives TPS users an alternative supplier to existing options. It is a very important step for us because this new product completes our range and allows us offer the best of all possible technologies for very high performance IG production.”

Another new product is Butylver SS, a different, special formulation of the already well-known Butylver sealant, and developed specifically to adapt perfectly to Triseal® technology by Edgetech. The flexible spacer bars used in this technology are made of plastic, definitely softer than the metal that is normally used for the traditional Butylver. When applied and pressed they therefore need a more pliable, malleable sealant that does not compromise the integrity of the support. This explains why Butylver SS was developed to be a particularly soft butyl sealant, in order to adapt perfectly and easily to the shape of the spacer bar without exerting too much pressure and to avoid any damage or forcing. This makes Butylver SS an excellent barrier to gas leakage and therefore the main strength of the entire system.

Both these new products by Fenzi are already available on the market.

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