Paints for large-sized glass sheets

Decover comes in a vast range of solvent- and water-based high tech paints. The applications are both large-size decorative glass sheets and custom-made glass sheets for use in interior design and in homes, offices, and stores.

In order to ensure very high performance features, a very accurate, strict production process is used. Pigments and resins are carefully chosen to obtain the maximum yield on a special material like glass. In most cases, an adhesion promoter is used that can be sprayed on the glass or mixed with the paint before painting glass.

Decover paints are available as either mono- or bi-component products; they are usually curtain-applied on silvering lines with spray- or roll-painting machines. Cutting, drilling, grinding and beveling are carried out after curing.

The desired results in terms of color and appearance, can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

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