Architectural paints

Architectural paints

Do you manufacture concrete tiles, fiber-cement roofing slates and corrugated panels, sidings for facades, ceiling panels, concrete flooring tiles? Then you can count 100% on the reliability of a partner like Fenzi.

The Fenzi Buildcoat paints finish and protect cement and fiber-cement based architectural components for external use. These are cutting-edge, flexible paints that can be applied on cement-based substrates (wet and dry), cement slurry, fiber-cement slates and corrugated sheets. Let's look at the various options.

Paints for large and small concrete tiles, fiber-cement slates and corrugated sheets
Ageing, freezing, moss pollution: these are the natural enemies of roofing tiles and panels. To overcome them, Fenzi has developed a range of highly-protective paints with excellent aesthetics and durability. The Buildcoat line is formulated for any type of sand-cement or fiber-cement blends. Thanks to Fenzi's technological know-how, the paints are produced to be applied by specific methods of processing. The technical support and sales staff are trained to satisfy any application need.

Paints for fiber-cement siding panels
Buildcoat can finish and protect fiber-cement paneling, even with a wood effect, to beautify single-family houses and other buildings. The line is especially recommended for this kind of use because it is cut-and scratch-resistant and offers tangible benefits in terms of cost and ease of installation of the pre-painted product.

Paints for ceiling panels
Ceiling panels are often used inside commercial areas and offices because they can absorb sound. Buildcoat is the ideal solution to prevent the accumulation of dust and it will make rooms lighter and more pleasant, thanks to a greater capacity for diffusion and reflection of light.


Paints for concrete pavement and slabs (interlocking, tiles and coverings)
In the city, to delineate areas designated for pedestrians, parking and driveways, painted cement and cement-covered tiles are very useful. With its bright colors and long life, Buildcoat is perfectly suited to accomplish this task, and also offers advantages in terms of cleaning.

Refurbishing paint
Give your roof a second life through a lasting protection with Roofcoat. This development is a result of a collaboration between Fenzi and the professionals with emphasis on quality and durability. This environment friendly system is easy to apply and has proved itself over many years.

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