When we are in an automobile, our needs for comfort and style are second only to the number one requirement -- the utmost in safety, in every way. Which is why, when the automotive industry processes glass, the Fenzi Group’s experience and ability to innovate play an essential role.
Fenzi’s Tempver Automotive glass enamels comply with the strictest quality standards and pass all the tests required by auto manufacturers in terms of both chemical and mechanical resistance. Their extremely high optical density means they provide the ideal coverage to optimize glass performance. Fenzi paints are easy to apply, adapt perfectly to screen and digital printing and offer excellent performance in both press bending and gravity bending. Entirely free of heavy metals, they bring tangible and meaningful value to the term “eco-friendly”. It’s time to start the engine and set off on the path to a better future.


Glass Packaging

The glass industry relies on state-of-the-art thermoplastic enamels for the decoration of bottles and tableware and all types of containers used in the food and beverage industry. Given its high levels of chemical resistance, the new Tempver HG range ensures the utmost in durability available to date, as well as excellent safety in glass packaging. This new range of enamels ensures excellent performance in industry tests and superior printability, especially in terms of high resolution in even the smallest details.
Tempver HG comprises 18 base colors that can be mixed to obtain any color desired.
The series comes in two different types: Tempver HG One Way, with especially brilliant colors; and Tempver HG Returnable, with extremely high chemical resistance.


Interior design
The Tempver range for interior design comes in 16 opaque base colors that can be mixed to obtain any specific RAL color, RAL Design, Pantone. Upon request, Tempver is also available in a wide range of non-opaque colors with a metallic or satin-finish.

The Tempver range for architectural exteriors comes in 11 opaque base colors that can be mixed to obtain any shade. Its characteristics make it ideal for creating tints, patterns or lettering. A fundamental characteristic is excellent resistance, meeting the strictest standards in this sector.
In order to cater to the needs of ever more visually striking architectural projects, Fenzi has developed a new RANGE 39 enamel line that is specifically designed to comply with technical standards in this sector while also meeting the most out-of-the-ordinary decor demands.

Household appliances and consumer electronics
Glass is being used more and more in today's household appliances. A reliable paint is required for this kind of application, one that will last over time and not be harmful to the environment. And, especially for kitchen appliances, paints should not pose any kind of health risk. The Tempver range for appliances includes 2 basic colors, black and white, which are the most widely sought after, but any desired color can be obtained, whether matt, metal- or satin-finish. Moreover, to better comply with increasingly strict standards, one new Tempver line stands out: New Generation M, innovative enamels engineered specifically with household appliances in mind that offer improved performance in terms of application, coverage and chemical resistance.
Tempver glass enamels are also widely used for screen-printed glass used in consumer electronics, especially TV sets and handheld devices, where high performance resistance to tests is required by leading companies in the sector.

The exact shade
Now you can have the formulas that will allow you be absolutely sure you get exactly the color you want. Those who purchase Tempver paints will be given a user name and password to access the restricted area of the www.tempver.com website with mixing percentages for the 16 base colors to obtain any shade.

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  • Technical Characteristics

  • Colour:
    Furniture (interiors) range:
    16 opaque base colours, which can be mixed if necessary, plus a wide range of satin-finish and metallic colours available on request

    Architecture (exteriors) range:
    11 opaque base colours, which can be mixed if necessary

    Appliances range:
    11 opaque base colours, which can be mixed if necessary, plus 4 metallic colours

  • Packing:
    Base colour enamels in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 kg drums and application medium in 5 e 25 kg drums.