The cutting-edge Centre of Expertise of the Group dedicated to research into backing paints for mirrors, a real driving force for the Fenzi Group, developes innovative solutions ensuring mirrors producers a substantial, genuine competitive edge. And now the Luxver glass silvering line of products is on board alongside Duralux. An extremely high-quality family of products that covers the entire mirror manufacturing process, it is easy and ready to use, and engineered to satisfy the highest safety standards. Available in all versions, including copper-free, Luxver is already the product of choice for many of the leading industry companies engaged in producing the best mirrors in the marketplace.

With Duralux and Luxver, Fenzi offers a unique set of solutions that delivers an exceptionally durable and safe end product with highly reflective silvering that is uniform, very brilliant and corrosion-resistant.


All of the products in the versatile Luxver range


Luxver Detergent

for flawless preparation of the glass prior to silvering; available also in a biodegradable formulation, this product disperses contaminants at both high and low temperatures.

Polishing Powder

prepares the glass surface to ensure perfect adhesion of the silver layer.

Luxver Sensitizer

available in LC and HC version, activates the glass surface prior to the silvering process.

Luxver Super Sensitizer

palladium based, used in the Cu-free process.

Luxver Silver Reducer

to obtain a thin, uniform layer of silver with extremely high reflective properties; available in several versions, depending on the silvering process being used.

Luxver Silver Solution

ready-to-use solution with and without silvernitrate; combined with Luxver Silver Reducer, it produces a smooth, uniform, mirrored reflective surface.

Luxver Copper RCC Additive

an additive for chemical coppering.

Luxver Passivator CF1

optimizes passivity of the metal layer after silvering; contributes to and increases corrosion-resistance of the silver layer, thus improving mirror quality.

Adhesion Promoter

for perfect adhesion between the silver layer and the paint.

Luxver Front Surface Cleaner

for thorough cleaning of any silver and copper residue from the glass.

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