If your business calls for a proven performer, and one that is always being updated, Duralux is for you. Duralux mirror-backing paints have been sold around the world for more than 70 years. Available in a vast range of colors, they come in various formulations depending on the type of application and the degree of protection desired. All of the types can be applied by roller, curtain or spray, and in one or two-coat applications (base + top). In addition, Duralux paints meet and exceed international quality standards, contain up to 70% less solvent, and come in zero-lead formulations.



The new Duralux Ultra has inherited all the technical characteristics that have determined the success of the entire Duralux line, but also combines greater protection and durability with a special, pleasant shine. Applied on the silver and cross-linked in an infra-red oven at medium heat, Duralux Ultra paint forms a protective coating that is particularly resistant to scratches, lasts longer and has a very appealing and unique shine.



Duralux extra NS

thermoplastic paints

drying by air or oven

Duralux extra NSA

termosetting paints

drying by infra-red oven

Duralux extra NSB

thermosetting paints (solvents with no photochemical reaction)

drying by infra-red oven

Duralux extra NSC

thermosetting paints (fast drying process)

drying by infra-red oven

Duralux Super AAA

thermosetting paints (high product performances)

drying by infra-red oven

Duralux Ultra

thermosetting paints (high product performances with special shine)

drying by infra-red oven


thermosetting paints (copper free application)

drying by infra-red oven


The leaded – low lead – lead free version of all kind of paints are available.

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  • Technical Characteristics

  • Appearance:
    Contenuto solido medio 70% in peso

  • Density:
    1.30 – 1.60