If you are looking for a partner that can always provide the best solutions, Fenzi is probably your best choice; in fact, it is the only multinational chemical company that is totally dedicated to flat glass processing. This choice is shared by countless trade people across the five continents; a growing popularity that has made Fenzi the global leader it is today.

There is something about the Fenzi Group that makes it special: it is a small multinational company that operates on a global scale, but is still run by the founder's family. This translates into three strengths:

  • long-term planning, ensured by continuity in management;
  • the ability to work with companies across the world, guaranteeing ongoing assistance and supplies thanks to manufacturing facilities in various continents;
  • a warm and personal business approach.

Working with Fenzi brings countless benefits. You will discover that Fenzi always offers the perfect balance between innovation, quality, competitiveness and efficiency.

Fenzi products are valued around the world because they at the forefront in their respective sectors. But behind these products is a working method you will like: the Fenzi style.


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To project itself into the future, the Fenzi Group believes in research. But who really decides what technological research, who determines what direction it will take? It's simple: the answer is you, the market.

To anticipate your needs, Fenzi has always relied on an R&D department that is constantly on the cutting edge. The aim: to foster synergies, concentrating under one roof all the necessary professional skills and scientific support available.
The Research and Development department is engaged on three fronts: the development of new products, the evolution of existing products and the need to comply with increasingly strict environmental standards. The latter holds a special meaning for us, so much so that the company's sensitivity to this issue has occasionally put it out in front of what would eventually become required by law. But, undoubtedly, it is the development of new formulas and new products that is most exciting for the researchers who (aside from the obvious commercial benefits) are truly passionate about the intellectual challenges their work brings.


Fenzi has always had a clear concept of what is nowadays defined as corporate social responsibility.

The Group has strict and absolute respect for the safety standards of the various countries in which it operates. Its vision, however, goes well beyond the limits set by law, toward a greater goal of safeguarding the planet. Fenzi works hard to minimize the environmental impact of its products, choosing the more eco-friendly alternatives as it moves toward the goal of sustainable development.

The Group's policy is to work in harmony with the interests of its customers, those who will benefit from the results of its processes, all of its partners, and its social context, to offer wellbeing to all. And those who work to produce wellbeing cannot help but respect the environment.


For Fenzi, the quest for the absolute highest quality is as much a duty to our customers as it is a philosophy that underpins every aspect of corporate life.

This methodical dedication to quality involves both new and future-generation products as well as those already on the shelves. With an efficient Quality Control System, the Fenzi Group keeps its own products under constant observation. Based on the desired requirements, the product is subjected to and must pass various laboratory tests that reproduce its cycle of use and the durability of the end products obtained with it. In addition, the entire company operates within the ISO 9001:2015 quality system that defines the procedures and determines the criteria the product must satisfy in order to be placed on the market.




Ethics, quality, sustainability and transparent communication in all aspects of company life.  These are the foundations for the trust Fenzi has built up in the world of glass, an international community in which the Group has played a leading role for the past 80 years. These fundamentals take the form of a daily commitment to working in harmony with the interests of all its collaborators, professionals, teams, partners, clients and all the companies that revolve around Fenzi, enhancing the value of the Group’s activities on a daily basis.

The Glass Alliance network

Wouldn't it be great, any time and in any part of the world, to have at your disposal all the materials and components needed to produce IG units? With the Glass Alliance Network, you can, along with time-tested efficiency and overall high quality. Fenzi, Alu-Pro, Rolltech and Tecglass, industry leaders in their respective sectors, created this innovative alliance years ago to provide better service and latest-generation technologies to glass industry professionals.

Polysulphide, butyl, hot-melt and polyurethane sealants; aluminum spacers, spacers made of steel, stainless steel, and combined steel and special plastic materials: the four members of the network offer cutting edge products for every application, thanks in part to the combined efforts of their various research centers.

With various production plants that also function as distribution centers, as well as a tight-knit network of agents and distributors, coverage is almost total. This explains why the majority of manufacturers of IG units around the world use products distributed by the Glass Alliance.


If you want to experience the Fenzi Group mood and to undertake a journey through our technologies, take a look at the video.