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The Fenzi Group has always been very concerned about ecological and environmental issues: for this very reason it continues to focus on upgrading the performance and environmental compatibility of its products. After intense research efforts in team with AGC Flat Glass Europe (formerly Glaverbel), it is very proud to present a new generation of paints for mirrors that comply with the EU ROHS directive calling for a reduction in the use of hazardous substances such as lead. The new paints developed in compliance with the directive also contain 70% less solvents and are formaldehyde-free, so that people using Duralux can work in a better environment. People are being bombarded daily with gloomy news on global warming, so being able to act effectively in reducing CO2 emissions is very comforting. In addition to the environmental aspect, hardness and abrasion resistance have also been enhanced. Resistance to chemical agents has also improved significantly over traditional mirror paints in order to prevent the damage caused by the continued use of specific detergents and silicones or glues.
Last October, AGC Flat Glass Europe received the Belgian Environmental Award for its Mirox 3G mirrors which use Fenzi paints. This is further proof that the company has been right on target by developing this new technology.
The Fenzi group started producing paints for mirrors back in 1941. The first generation of paints contained substances now considered dangerous but useful in preventing the corrosion of the metal backing on mirrors. Yet even then, the paints produced by Fenzi were definitely leading-edge and conferred superior features to the mirrors. The Fenzi group has always expended major efforts on improving products and steadily upgrading performance features, and with a focus on the environment as well. Using this approach, the company began reducing the lead content in its products about 10 years ago, as the second generation of Duralux paints goes to show. Now, at the end of 2007, the third generation is set to confirm Fenzi’s leadership in this field

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