Fenzi Group plans for 2015

February 2015




Given the company’s clear commitment to the ongoing development of business worldwide, international trade shows and fairs have consistently been a crucial part of the Fenzi Group’s annual event calendar. Keeping faith with the corporate and family policy of maintaining a close relationship with the primary global markets, the group’s CEO himself, Alessandro Fenzi, considers this constant market presence an absolute priority: “I am convinced that it is crucial to let our customers know that they can always, and for any reason, count on our full cooperation and assistance when needed. We operate around the world with manufacturing facilities and sales/marketing hubs in the leading markets, and we can also count on an extremely widespread distribution network. Trade shows are an added, and often priceless, opportunity to engage face-to-face with our loyal customers, as well as with people it would otherwise be difficult to meet, and to greet those we are meeting for the first time and wholeheartedly extend a warm handshake.”

The first, and one of the top events this year is China Glass which, from May 20th to 23rd in Beijing will allow our group’s Chinese branch - Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited - to showcase the latest innovations engineered specifically for that market, one we have been associated with for more than 30 years.

Mir Stekla, in Moscow from June 8th to 11th, offers the perfect opportunity to assess the vitality of a market that is certain to experience (and time will tell to what extent), the fallout from the geo-political and economic distress that, to date, has been unstoppable. Fenzi will present all the products the group has developed for warm edge technology, extremely popular in Russia, and distributed around the world by the Glass Alliance network.

Quite a different climate prevails in North America and GlassBuild America will undoubtedly provide first-hand evidence. In Atlanta, from September 16th to 18th, Fenzi North America expects to further strengthen its solid and time-tested leadership position. This year, the excellent state of the American economy in general, and the strong upsurge in the building and construction industry, hold out great hopes for the industry’s top enterprises.

Vitrum will be Europe’s number-one trade fair attraction. In its 19th edition, Vitrum 2015, on the calendar from October 6th to 9th, falls during the final (and traditionally most popular) month of EXPO 2015. The Universal Expo will also bring added visibility to the most innovative advances in glass processing; and the Fenzi group will be on hand in full force to illustrate the technological innovations that are the common thread running through its entire product line.


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