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The rise of the Fenzi Group continues, this time with a successful takeover bid in Belgium which will have positive repercussions on the world market for mirror backing paints, one where the Tribiano company has ranked top for years. At the end of August the Akzo Nobel unit dedicated to this market segment entered Fenzi’s orbit. This is a production facility located in Vilvoorde, Flanders, near Brussels, and specialising in corrosion-preventing paints for protecting the reflective film of mirrors. It occupies an area of approximately 40,000 square metres and is equipped with highly automated systems which ensure production levels at maximum quality standards.
With this takeover Fenzi will improve his position in a business area where it has played a key role for more than 60 years. The geographical location of the facility acquired is in fact strategic, so that deliveries can be guaranteed with ideal timescales and systems for all the main European producers in the industry, not only as regards the paints produced at Vilvoorde but also all other Fenzi Group products. The type of production carried out at the Belgian plant is also strategic: the plant develops paints intended for producers of mirrors with the “copper free” technology, a type of paint already developed by the company in Tribiano and increasingly in demand on the market. Production at Vilvoorde therefore adds value to the Fenzi Group range, enabling it to aim at increasingly significant sales successes.
Additionally the Belgian unit is set to become something more than a highly efficient production and distribution facility, and is also to house a cutting-edge centre of expertise dedicated to research into backing paints for mirrors, exploiting experience gained by the company to the full. A real driving force for the Fenzi Group, allowing it to outstrip its competitors in the race towards technological innovation.

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