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Word was already out that Vitrum 2007 would have a lot to offer in terms of new products. Hosted in the new FieraMilano exhibition complex in Rho, the spaces, interiors and services immediately gave it a special look that was very innovative and different from the previous exhibitions. All this was a huge success among the public and exhibitors, especially from overseas: total visitor attendance figures rose by almost 7% with visitors from overseas increasing by more than 11%.
This success immediately spread to the Fenzi Group, which was fully represented at the exhibition with an all-new, high-tech stand. According to President Dino Fenzi: “Vitrum has always been an event that exceeds expectations. The economic situation in the glass sector is not at its best, given the influence that the building industry (now in a recession because of the housing bubble burst and/or fears that it will burst) exerts on our market. Yet, emerging markets have offset the downturn of the more mature markets and this is what we saw and felt from the feedback that we received from the many trade people coming from around the world”.
The vitality of the glass industry, and the attention of the more qualified visitors especially, was confirmed by CEO Alessandro Fenzi: “This year’s exhibition was a very good one for us. We made a very high number of contacts at our stand and apart from the numbers, we were very pleased with the “quality” of the visitors. The glass industry continues to grow and to progress also in terms of technology. Here, the international reach of our company and the significant investments we have made in our research departments, are giving us a great deal of satisfaction”.

Pride of place among the new products goes to Fenzi’s new range of Tempver paints, which has increased from 10 to 16 colors. The reactions of the public were well summed up by Fabio Fenzi, Director of the Ceramic Paints Division: “The Tempver and Decover decorative paints were the subject of many meetings with existing and new customers. People are very interested in the quality and service that Fenzi has always offered its customers. The focus is on "environmentally friendly" products for customers, and here both of the ranges are water-based and do not contain heavy metals in compliance with current standards. The Decover department offers a service that provides samples within 24 hours as a result of its widespread technical and commercial network; Tempver also offered a preview of a new web-based service that offers access to recipes for mixing basic colors; this database allows customers to promptly meet demands for Ral, Pantone and NCS colors”.

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