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May 2016


In an increasingly connected world, technology lends a vital hand to completing the thousands of tasks faced in everyday life. As of today a new service is available to the glass industry in the form of an app for iOS and Android devices.

Rolltech has rolled out some extra help in designing and manufacturing IG units with ever more powerful performance, capable of improving the energy efficiency of a building while complying with international standards. We’re talking about the WinUw calculator, the new app developed by the Glass Alliance network company, and available in the App Store for Apple devices and in the Google Play Store for Android, making it easier to quickly calculate the U-value of window and door frames and insulating glass units.

This innovative and handy software calculates thermal transmittance of IG units starting with the different spacer profiles in use. After downloading the WinUw app, all you need to do is input some data to get the Psi value for all standard-sized window and door frames created with profiles from the Glass Alliance -- the international network composed of Fenzi, Alu-Pro and Rolltech, for worldwide distribution of a vast range of products for manufacturing ultra high-performance IG units.

A great amount of data can be combined and input on-line in the calculator, including:

- four different types of window and door frames, based on their composition (PVC, wood, aluminum, a combination of glass and aluminum);

- six kinds of Warm Edge spacer profiles distributed by the Glass Alliance (products in the MULTITECH and Butylver TPS range, and the entire CHROMATECH range);

- two types of standard profiles: Ferrotech (spacers in galvanized steel) and aluminum spacers;

- double and triple-glazed units, with many different thicknesses.

The relative temperature of the glass edge will be displayed for each combination. All of the calculations are based on the EN 10077 standard with equivalent thermal transmittance determined in compliance with the ift WA-17/1 directive.

The application is free and available in six languages (English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Polish) and, in addition to being downloadable to all mobile devices, is also available for use on PCs at this link:

Rolltech was driven to develop this new service as part of its ongoing growth and at the same time to support the work of manufacturers of insulating glass units. It is a tool that will certainly be appreciated by the Group’s customers and just one more reason to choose Glass Alliance as a trusted partner.


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