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They came in droves to GlassBuild America, attesting to an economic recovery that, albeit slowly, is beginning to give a bit of respite to key industries like building construction. And the American glass processing professionals revealed a certain weakness for high quality products -- ones that combine excellent performance with the ease of use it takes to maintain the edge in productivity.
Unabashed enthusiasm from the Fenzi group. At their stand Duralux Solar Coatings stoked a lot of interest in the range of solar mirror paints that conforms to the highest standards for long life and resistance required by the technologies employed in the solar heat plants. Interest in the insulating glass products designed in accordance with warm edge technology and distributed by the Glass Alliance network continues to grow. Examples are the Chromatech Plus and Chromatech Ultra spacer profiles by Alu Pro and Rolltech; or the Thiover, Butylver and Hotver sealants by Fenzi.



In little more than two years the two members of the Glass Alliance network with operations in Russia -- that is: OOO Alu Pro and OOO Fenzi -- were able to achieve compelling sales results, and that translates to more production of materials for insulating glass. The universally known and appreciated aluminum spacers and polysulphide sealants manufactured by the group were a huge draw for the local producers of IG units for precisely the same reasons they are known around the world – and that is their excellent performance features and high quality standards. Despite the fact that at the time the huge investment needed to build the factory was finalized the generally stagnant economy forced the group first to move forward on faith, followed by aggressive organization and sales, the results speak to the success of the undertaking -- the first 9 months of 2012 brought OOO Alu Pro a 20%+ rise in sales, while for OOO Fenzi, growth during the same period leaped by 25%. No doubt, sales were driven by the spacer profiles and the sealants manufactured locally, but they received significant support from sales of the other products manufactured in the group’s factories. The Russian branch is in fact an excellent point of reference for all the other Glass Alliance business units. Despite the very short history of the two companies, these are record numbers which point to a very positive outlook, not only for the current year but even more, for the years to come, when the progressive easing of the financial stranglehold will open up new and greater space for growth of the building industry and commercial manufacturing activities in general.
With enticing promises of jobs for the local labor force.

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