Molver, the IG producer’s trusted ally

December 2015


Insulating glass is a great challenge for the modern-day building industry: it’s all a matter of striking the right balance between the beauty of large-size windows and the need for high thermal performance.
Ever-rising energy costs, stricter requirements and requests made by clients lead to a search for leading-edge materials and solutions.
The higher the performance features of IG, the greater the care that goes into choosing its every single component.
The Network Glass Alliance’s answer to these new market challenges is a vast range of quality products that can be used together: various types of sealants, spacers and molecular sieves.
The latter, even if erroneously underestimated at times, are a must-have for the lifespan of IG: molecular sieves from Molver, in addition to offering the quality that is always guaranteed by the Fenzi mark, feature a special kinetics that keeps moisture absorption to a minimum during the filling and sealing process. Furthermore, a good absorption capacity makes for high performance in all windows whatever their use.

Molver, which has been on the market for about 20 years, is sold worldwide and completes the range of products offered to IG producers: in fact, the Glass Alliance network can supply sealants, spacers and molecular sieves in a single shipment, i.e. all the products needed for IG manufacture, apart from the glass.
The result is guaranteed quality and the best transport costs and delivery times.


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