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Fenzi Group technology at Vitrum 2015

October 2015


Thiover, Poliver, Duralux, Tempver and Chromatech Ultra (to name only a few of the Group’s most sought-after products) will definitely be on display in Milan at the international appointment with the world of glass. All of the Group’s business units will be on hand at Vitrum 2015 to explain the latest innovations in the area of sealants for insulating glass, decorative paints for glass, mirror backing paints and coatings for solar mirrors.

Special emphasis will be placed on the products being launched:


Duralux Ultra
The laboratory of the industry leader in glass processing chemicals has developed a new formulation of its vastly popular Duralux mirror-backing paint that offers a well-balanced blend of aesthetics, functionality and high-performance.
The new thermosetting Duralux Ultra inherits all of the technical features that have spelled success for the entire Duralux line and offers results that guarantee even greater protection and durability over time than the previous products in the range. In addition to excellent levels of resistance to wear, Duralux Ultra boasts an extremely eye-catching brilliance. Applied on silver and cross-linked in an infra-red oven at medium heat, this innovative paint forms a protective coating that is
especially resistant to scratches, lasts longer and has a very appealing and uniquely shiny appearance.
Duralux Ultra is manufactured in Italy at the company’s Tribiano plant; it is copper-free and comes in various colors, engineered to exalt its singular shine.


Butylver TPS
Butylver TPS is a latest-generation thermoplastic spacer designed specifically for use with Bystronic Glass® applicators so as to obtain an IG unit with top quality warm edge performance and produced with a very high level of industrial automation. A one-part, polyisobutylene base with integrated desiccants, Butylver TPS ensures perfect adhesion, minimal permeability and excellent rigidity and stability, all factors that translate to excellent thermal insulation and durability over time.


A revolutionary product has now joined the range: Multitech, a rigid spacer that comes in all the main widths and colors and without any metal parts. Multitech offers the best thermal performance features that can be obtained today.

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