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In terms of experience, success over the years, innovative skills and a plethora of product ranges that are universally popular, 70-year-old Fenzi has it all. And you can tell: otherwise how could you explain its international leadership which is recognized across the five continents? This is why the pride of achieving these results deserves to be celebrated at least once, sharing this great joy with all the macrocosm that revolves around the historical yet young company. At Vitrum 2011, clients, partners, friends and visitors will be able to spend more time than usual with Fenzi, as very welcome guests.

First of all at the stand. Located in Pavilion 24, it has been given a “green” look this year to underline the concern for the environment that has always characterized Fenzi. Leaving the spectacular new setting aside, where the natural environments that have been reproduced offer a very original and highly personal impact and create a pleasantly exclusive and subdued atmosphere for visitors, the accent is on corporate citizenship. Ever since it started out, the company, or should we now call it the Fenzi group, has focused on the interests of its workers, clients, the beneficiaries of processing work made possible through its products, all its partners and the social context in which it works, to offer wellbeing to everybody. And those who produce wellbeing, cannot fail to respect the environment. This is all the more important today, when strictly abiding by laws for the safety and health of human beings in the various countries has become a must-have. To the point of doing more than what is required by these laws, for greater protection.

The products that demonstrate this commitment are all on display at Vitrum of course, and are also the group’s core business. Especially the IG sealants, first among these Thiover: the most-sold sealant worldwide and the most popular because of its excellent features and which does not contain any kinds of toxic substances, solvents or heavy metals. Duralux mirror coatings, which have been around for a long time and which the company has continued to upgrade, have recently being joined by a complete new range of Duralux Solar Coatings. These ultra leading-edge coatings are designed to guarantee extremely high resistance to corrosion and UV rays and the best performance under conditions of thermal and environmental stress for all kinds of solar thermal systems. The decorative paints come in two ranges: Tempver glass enamels for the screen printing, enameling and satin-finishing of glass, and Decover cold organic paints for maximum color performance. The range includes Aquaglass, water-based paints that are absolutely non-polluting and without any solvents or heavy metals. Last, the most complete range of metal profiles, from the aluminum Alu Pro profiles to the high performance ones for warm technology by Rolltech. This Danish company offers the entire range of Chromatech stainless steel profiles, Chromatech Plus also in stainless steel but with a particularly innovative shape, and Chromatech Ultra, a revolutionary stainless steel and polycarbonate profile to offer exceptional performance. The event is a special one for Rolltech which celebrates 25 years in business this year: a very important and meaningful celebration because it is this year that the company achieved target production of more than 1 million warm edge profiles a week.

Last a party. Seventy years, as we said, are an important event, and deserve to be celebrated. This is why Fenzi will be meeting everybody, clients, friends and working partners on Thursday 27 October at 6.30 pm at the Vitrum Gourmet Festival, in Pavilion 22. The program is a surprise of course, so we won’t be unveiling anything for now. But it will be a magical evening, in every sense of the word.

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