Ultra-high speed and utmost efficiency are hallmarks of the Tecglass F Type model

July 2017


Production of the most innovative and intricate projects calls for the most advanced technology available, capable of ensuring the best print quality in the shortest possible time. Compared to traditional screen printing, Tecglass machines are able to reproduce any graphic design in the most varied sizes, in real time, and at the fastest speeds, eliminating the need to set up and clean a print screen for each job. The color options are unlimited, with the infinite range of hues and special effects that Tecglass is able to recreate, with perfect precision, no matter what the need. Value-added benefits include: maximum ink efficiency, no waste, no residue or need to clean the print heads, and considerable space savings in terms of storage, thanks to the always-available electronic archive.


All the distinctive features of the Vitro Jet F Type: offering ultra-high print resolution, this machine is ideal for designing and printing graphic patterns and photographic images on large sheets of glass, while ensuring absolute durability over time.


The entire line of F Type machines guarantees the perfect combination of ease of use, high resolution, print speed and optimization of production costs. And it is suited to all kinds of applications, from architecture to interior design, automotive to yachting. The optional Fast Frame tool, available on all models in the range, with optimal X and Y movement of the print head, is able to speed the production of glass frames by following their perimeters - a highly advanced technology capable of noticeably increasing the machine’s versatility and output speed of print jobs.



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