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Pesaro is heaven for glass processors; joking aside, the Fenzi Group recently set up and opened a centre in this town in the Marches for the distribution of specific products, services and assistance for those in the trade and industry who every day deal with glass and mirrors directly. The catalogue of the Tribiano Group has always given pride of place to all those technical tools required for glass working, faithful friends of those who work regularly with this material. The range is wide and comprehensive: diamond drills and wheels, polishing wheels, abrasive belts, pliers, suction cups, cutting tools, abrasives and oxides for polishing and much more.
The entire distribution of this range of products is now coordinated by the new centre in Pesaro, which also guarantees a professional advice service manned by highly specialised staff, able to assist those who work in this area in their choices and in solving all those problems faced daily when working with glass and mirrors. Situations may arise on occasions which are apparently critical and impossible and which only those with perfect knowledge of the area and the endless solutions required are able to solve fast.
Thanks to the specialised service the Pesaro depot guarantees extra-rapid delivery times throughout Italy which is covered, also for accessories and technical products for glass processing, by the same sales network which distributes the industrial products of the Fenzi Group.
For information contact the Fenzi depot in Pesaro, tel. 0721.283538.

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