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As occurs every other year, the 2013 edition of Vitrum also promises to be an exceedingly important event for taking stock of the glass industry's state of health, an industry that, like many others, has been faced with five years of very challenging market fluctuations. Now that the worst seems to be over for Europe as well, it is especially fascinating to see what innovations companies have been able to design and manufacture to catch this breeze of recovery.

Fenzi, for one, thanks to its established position of international leadership, managed to further expand its own range of products, enhancing their already outstanding levels of quality and performance. They will be presented in full at Vitrum 2013.

The list is long and begins with the sealants: Thiover's winning technology makes it the most widely-sold polysulfide sealant in the world, and also meets the most advanced criteria for eco-compatibility; followed by Butylver, PIB-based sealant for primary sealing of IGUs, now also available in Butylver TPS (thermoplastic spacer for Bystronic® applicators) and Butylver SS (sealant for flexible spacers) versions; and then Poliver, polyurethane specifically formulated for insulating glass, entirely solvent-free, for use in producing single- or double-seal panels; and finally, Hotver, a hot-melt, one-part sealant that ensures perfect adhesion between glass and spacers.

Fenzi sealants are the ideal complement to products from the Glass Alliance, an international network (comprised of Fenzi Alu-Pro and Rolltech) that markets the components required to produce high-performance IGUs. The latter two group members developed the latest generation Chromatech profiles. Both lines - Chromatech Ultra and Chromatech Plus - offer excellent performance in terms of stability, durability and limitation of heat loss.

Among the more time-tested Fenzi products that have recently enjoyed great market success, one important presence will be the Duralux range of mirror coatings developed to meet the most varied needs, from traditional to the most sophisticated “copper free” and zero-lead technologies. Capitalizing on its technological evolution, the company developed Duralux Solar Coatings, an entire line of highly innovative solar mirror coatings known for their extremely high durability.

Special focus will also be given to the Tempver decorative paints for glass. The range of glass paints for screen-printing, enameling and satin-finishing of glass is a top choice of architects and interior designers, thanks to the wide range of colors, and is now complemented by the New Generation M, a line of innovative enamels specifically formulated for the glass on household appliances. This new line of paints offers improved performance in application, coating result and chemical resistance, characteristics crafted to meet the aesthetic needs of manufacturers and end users, and to comply with increasingly strict specifications. Special mention goes to Aquaglass, a single-component water-based product in the Decover line. Designed for decorative applications, its rich colors and capacity for full coating make the product suitable for home and office baths and kitchens. Thanks to the brilliance of its colors and the endless range of hues available, it is gaining luster on the radar of designers, home users and glassworks. Amazingly easy to use, the product is a sales success as well, causing production levels to rise consistently year after year, keeping pace with market share.

We look forward to seeing you at Vitrum 2013, Pavilion 24, Stand E 21/E 29.

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