Precious metal inks for tiles

Precious metal inks for tiles

Our decorative precious metal inks for tile decoration comprise both brushing products and direct printing products compatible with most common ceramic tile glazes.

The products are a solution of organic precious metal and non-precious metal compounds and resins in a mixture of organic solvents and essential oils.

Product features include:

  • Free from ozone depleting chemicals, lead, cadmium and other heavy metals
  • High metallic sheen with vivid brilliance
  • Good adherence and excellent overall performance on most substrates.

The thickness of the precious metal ink application is critical to the achievement of satisfactory, economical results. Application should be as even as possible and please be aware that the end result of the fired decoration very much depends on both the application and the substrate.


Our products

 Brushing products for tiles
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Fired Shade


Bright gold




*the precious metal content quoted is for indicative purposes only
Brushing lustre for tiles
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Fired Shade


Mother of Pearl

Glass & Ceramic

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