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Now that the first phase of building of the new Fenzi plant in China has ended, the countdown to the start of production has begun. The final finishing touches to the building have been made and assembly and final installation of the machinery is being completed. At the same time procurement of raw materials is in progress and their storage about to begin in the amounts planned for supplying the first phase of adjusting production and allowing its subsequent capacity operation. After the break for the Chinese New Year, officially the 28th January but involving general closure from 26th January to 6th February, the month of February is dedicated to completing and actuating all connections in order to perform the long-awaited production tests at the end of the month. This is possibly the most delicate part as it requires careful assessment of all the phases of the production process and their particularly precise regulation. The typical Fenzi quality standards have to be observed in full, naturally involving strict observance of all international standards and above all reflecting the quality philosophy that forms the basis of the international success of the entire Fenzi Group.
After the tests to be performed throughout March, full operations will begin; this is the time of the official inauguration, attended by Chinese authorities and the Italian ones present in China.
As already reported, production will initially concentrate on mirror-backing paints and later extend progressively to ceramic paints and then to sealants and all the products in the various ranges demanded by the market.
The new company, named Zhejiang Fenzi Paints and Sealants (to be known as Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited as from 2006), is run by a European and Chinese management whose task is to guide the company towards success on the vast market of the East. The initial programme has to date been fully implemented and the large investments should in the future allow an even more extensive presence of the Fenzi Group which has operated in China since as long ago as 1987. Thus the Group in Tribiano has seen the entire Asian continent as a huge opportunity for almost twenty years, an amenable market which could give considerable satisfaction. Past experience has proved this to be right and everything points to expected further confirmation in the near future of a wager already won.

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