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Alongside Duralux mirror-backing paints, Decover cold paints for glass and Buildcoat paints for building, Thiover sealants are also to be produced, from the spring of this year, in Vilvoorde in Flanders, a few kilometres from Brussels. Fenzi has in fact recently opened a new plant for the production of polysulphide sealants for the central and northern European markets. After those of Tribiano, the main production and distribution centre, and Toronto, the prime gateway to the whole of North America, that of Vilvoorde is the third plant also intended for the production of a range of increasingly successful products. It was the growing demand that urged Fenzi to invest to increase production capacity and organise best coverage of the requirements of an area of primary strategic importance. Use of the insulating glass system has in fact grown enormously throughout the world and is now common throughout Europe, led by central and northern countries who were the first to promote its use and for whom the new plant is intended, and the eastern ones whose strongly expanding volumes are a well-known fact. However the most interesting phenomenon is that insulating glass is increasingly widespread and in demand also in non-European countries, becoming a commonly used building component. The decision to exploit the production capacity of the Vilvoorde plant, which stands on an area of 40,000 square metres, is part of the clear need to bring production as close as possible to the major European customers in geographical terms. There are direct advantages in terms of shorter lead times, lower transport costs and rationalisation of the entire distribution process.
As has already happened with the plant in Canada, in Belgium too the production of polysulphide sealants has been set up to obtain exactly the same product features and observance of the same quality standards which have always characterised Thiover. It is that unrivalled mix of product quality, constancy and high performances and advantageous selling prices that have decreed the success of Fenzi polysulphide sealants in the world.

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