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Success far above and beyond the brightest expectations is currently being achieved by Butylver TPS, the thermoplastic spacer bar developed by Fenzi laboratories specifically for Bystronic Lenhardt® applicators. In fact, its outstanding results in terms of pot life, thermal performance and long service life have made this product a must-have in the market of warm edge systems. Two years after its introduction on the market at Vitrum 2011, Butylver TPS has significantly enhanced the entire range of warm edge products offered by Glass Alliance which, thanks to the recent FGS distribution, has become the most complete product line on the market.
Today the Fenzi group, through the Glass Alliance network, makes the best of all possible technologies available in every corner of the world for production of ultra-high-performance insulating glass units, thus allowing different manufacturers to source the best components depending on their own production needs and the market demands they must meet. This aspect is particularly critical since the characteristics of domestic markets may vary considerably due to the significant variability in climatic conditions, production systems and the possibility to use the finished product.

Manufactured in Italy and distributed worldwide through the Glass Alliance network, Butylver TPS is competitive compared to other thermoplastic spacer bars as a result of its capacity to adhere quickly immediately after application on both sides of the glass and in an excellent manner to the second-barrier sealant as well. Butylver TPS is also completely compatible with Thiover, the world’s top-selling polysulphide sealant by Fenzi. These characteristics have raised interest among numerous insulating glass manufacturers and driven global demand to a point where the group felt the need to install a new automated production system in the Tribiano factory in Italy.
Strategically speaking, Butylver TPS is a product you can rely on. Over recent years, energy savings regulations have strongly influenced the market, leading to the development of highly efficient warm edge systems. Products like the Butylver TPS thermoplastic spacer bar, which combine outstanding performance in terms of energy efficiency, a high degree of production automation and remarkable flexibility of shape and size, will have a significant impact on the production of insulating glass units in the near future, especially in the most eco-friendly countries like Germany and Northern Europe in general.

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