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Sales of Chromatech Ultra spacer bars on international markets are booming, driven by the increasingly pressing need around the world (in both advanced, and even some emerging countries), for a tangible solution to the demands for greater energy conservation. Today’s warm edge technology makes it possible to achieve better results than seemed possible until just a few years ago. IG units must therefore comply fully with the new standards imposed by the laws in each country, but also must address increasing market demand which, by itself, can define the value of a building based on its energy classification.

This explains the continuous rise in demand for high and ultra-high performance spacer bars, the category in which Chromatech Ultra falls, thanks to its inherent qualities. The most recent update to this revolutionary spacer bar consists of the use of a new kind of plastic to be used in combination with stainless steel, allowing for a further increase in performance and ease of processing. Quite significant results in terms of performance were achieved because the new material ensures a decidedly lower thermal conductivity value (Ʌ=0.17), which, in turn, allows the IG system to deliver an especially low (Ψ=0.0039) thermal transmittance value. As for ease of processing, bending is even smoother and less problematic. The economic advantage for manufacturers is considerable, because it does not require the use of new, complicated machinery nor the costly replacement of elements in the production line, just a few simple adjustments to achieve excellent quality.

The manufacturing system of the new version of Chromatech Ultra also benefits from the added value that comes from optimized integration of the entire production line through installation of extrusion lines for the special plastic materials that comprise the internal structure of Chromatech Ultra. This will make it possible for Alu Pro and Rolltech to maintain constant control over and full-spectrum availability of all the basic technological know how, which is essential to ensuring further development of both the product and its manufacturing processes.

Given the validity of these assumptions, the Alu Pro factory in Noale (Venice) started up a second Chromatech Ultra manufacturing line. Production is already at full capacity, in three shifts around the clock, six days a week. This enormous manufacturing push is aimed at meeting the demands of international markets around the world, beginning with those in Southern Europe. However, it’s worth pointing out that it is no longer just the countries with harsher climates that want to use high performance IG units, but also countries with milder climates that feel the need for them, driven by a general trend toward great thermal efficiency and therefore, more consistent energy conservation. Investments in this direction are no longer simply an ‘optional’, but almost a must-have.

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