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Special prominence was given at the Fenzi stand at Glasstec to the Aquaglass line, decorative single-component and water-based paints in the Decover range.
In actual fact this is not totally new as Decover was launched around one year ago, yet the share gained by Aquaglass within the decorative paints industry is however significant. The reasons are mostly to be found in the increasing awareness of the problems of safeguarding the environment, added to, with an obviously even greater impact, international directives that lay down regulations on environmental impact that are becoming increasingly stringent each year.
Fortunately for us, and for companies, ongoing advances in science and its industrial applications enable the development of product technologies that speed up the achievement of constantly shifting performances, without however neglecting legal requirements. Instead the opposite often occurs and the limits set encourage research aimed at defining new targets that mean that ever-increasing benefits and performances are combined with a growing respect for the environment.
This is precisely the case for Aquaglass: its new formula has enabled the typical high versatility of the whole Decover paint range, which can be applied with the various techniques such as roller, spray and fog coating, to be combined with the eco-compatibility of water as the basic element. For the decoration of offices and homes, bathrooms and kitchens, the decorative application of Aquaglass in solid and opaque colours benefits from a special colour brilliance, further enhanced by the possibility of obtaining any shade, even to sample. Thanks to the Aquaglass System a vast series of decorative effects and colours can be reproduced, fully in line with the customer’s requests and expectations.
The many conditions of use to which the product adapts mean that drying can be carried out in continuous or static convection furnaces or even more simply by airing, provided of course that the temperature and climatic conditions are adequate. After drying the various final machining operations, such as cutting, drilling, grinding and bevelling, can be performed.

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