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The last few months have seen notable sales growth on the British market for Hotver 2000, the one component hot melt sealant. It is surely the insulating glass sealant with the highest increase in market share in 2011.

It has always been appreciated for its mechanical properties and for how easy and fast it is to use. It has become the sealant of choice for British high quality insulating window manufacturers. Its excellent physical-chemical properties enable the entire system to achieve top performance, especially when used with non-metallic flexible spacers. Indeed, Hotver 2000 has an extremely low gas leakage rate, which results in glass units with the highest possible thermal insulation performance.
In addition, a highly appreciated feature of the Hotver 2000 line is its extreme practicality, which translates into ease of use and reliability. All of the Hotver 2000 hot melt sealants can actually be used either in single or dual sealing, ensuring perfect adhesion to the glass and the spacers. They are suitable for being applied either with a manual gun or with robotic extruders, therefore guaranteeing easy workability and excellent resistance whether at high or low temperatures. English insulated window manufacturers may now count on one product that brings its high quality performance as well as its fast setting time together with excellent results in terms of the longevity of the entire system. This is also owing to the lowest MVTR (moisture vapor transmission rate) possible in its category. The product is also certified and compliant with European EN1279 PT2/PT3 and PT4 Standards. This ensures the ability to substitute any other hot melt sealant without any further tests of conformity to European Standards.

Even if the United Kingdom's economy underwent a slight contraction over the last quarter of 2011, as occurred in all the European countries, at times with remarkable differences, its overall growth was 0.9%. Therefore, 2012 bodes to be a difficult year for the British economy. Nevertheless, the particular features of Hotver 2000 seem to be the most suitable to meet the needs of insulated window manufacturers there, with excellent results.

Hotver 2000 is manufactured in the Fenzi Group plants. It seems to best interpret all of Fenzi's standards of quality and reliability that have been appreciated the world over, for many, many years now.
Hotver 2000 and all of the other Fenzi Group products are distributed in Great Britain and Ireland by DGS/SUK. For further information, evaluation and details, please, call the importer directly at +44 1332 811611 or +44 121 3233348.

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