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Satisfaction and success sum up participation in China Glass, Asia’s leading industry trade show and now one of the most popular in the world. From May 11th to 14th, more than 30,000 visitors coursed through the five pavilions of the Shanghai fair that were dedicated to the event; there they were able to see exactly what the best of the global glass industry has to offer. Of course, Fenzi was also on hand, through its local branch -- Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited -- one of the top exhibitors among the 30 Italian firms that were present.
Compared to foreign visitors, the number of Chinese professionals in attendance is increasingly on the rise -- a clear sign of how much the domestic market has changed and grown following the significant intensification of industrialization which has taken place over the last five years.  Fenzi’s direct manufacturing and distribution presence has allowed the firm to greatly strengthen its positions, despite the heightened market competitiveness in general and its mushrooming size. Today, with the new Chinese companies often offering levels of innovation even higher than those of well-established Western firms, ongoing customer service and in-depth knowledge of the real needs of a highly-diverse customer base have become top priority considerations.
It’s in this context that, alongside the highly-successful Duralux, the range of mirror coatings that was the first product Fenzi exported to China, the success of the Butylver sealant continues to expand, and its production is certain to be increased during the second half of this year. Similar positive results are reported for the Tempver ceramic paints which, in addition to the increased sales in China, are also highly regarded in other eastern markets. On the rise as well is the array of Glassolux cold paints, robustly driven by the persistent growth of the Chinese home furnishings industry. 
If innovation is your thing, it is good to note that attention was not focused solely on traditional products. During the fair, a presentation was organized on the potential of Duralux Solar Coatings, the range of solar mirror coatings that Fenzi has developed for use in the area of CSP (Concentration Solar Power) technology – as we all know, this is a rapidly developing technology in which mirrors of various types are the primary tool for capturing solar energy. Fenzi, along with the entire supply chain, is applying all its technical, scientific and strategic energies to rapidly optimizing the individual components of the system. The presentation was organized exclusively for its Chinese clients, who have shown themselves to be extremely interested in the giant leaps ahead that this technology is accomplishing in Europe and the United States.

The sizable influence that Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited has acquired in China is also demonstrated by an unusual fact, but one that is very symbolic: since last January the Fenzi group flag has been flying outside the Jiaxing City Hall. It is the only non-Chinese company to have been accorded this honor, which was made in recognition of its being considered among the leading firms in Zhejiang Province, notoriously crowded with companies of all sizes.

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