From Fenzi Argentina to Fenzi South America: a meaningful accomplishments

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Fenzi Argentina was founded in 1996 with the goal to meet the needs of South American market in relation to the products manufactured by Fenzi group.

During these 15 years, the South American subsidiary has proved great progress and growth, accompanied by the development of the region and the constant technical and commercial advice.

For this reason, the company has changed its logo to Fenzi South America since April 2011. This will require the subsidiary to be even more strict and faithful to its governing principles: innovation, quality, efficiency and competitiveness. This change will give the company a regional prospect within the field it has been developing since its foundation.

During these fifteen years, Fenzi South America has developed an extensive network of clients, from the continent's southernmost place in Punta Arenas (Chile) or Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) to Guatemala in Central America, and from Chile to Brazil, also serving clients in Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay, among others.

The IG market development in the region has grown considerably in the last 15 years, having a few industrial manufacturers at that moment and more than 200 today. Fenzi South America has learnt how to care and position GLASS ALLIANCE’s products as a symbol of quality among producing factories. In the region, main mirror factories use DURALUX and it is becoming notorious the growing use of TEMPVER in modern architecture and DECOVER white line in decoration.

Although the economic crisis of recent years was present in the region, it was not as acute as in other parts of the world. Today the economies of these emerging markets are growing at rates of 4- 8%.

With a GDP over 2000 million dollars and a population of around 200 million inhabitants, the most important and growing economy of this area is and will be the Brazilian one. Growth prospects in that country are more than encouraging, mainly when focusing on the next mega sports events to be held in 2014 (World Cup) and 2016 (Olympic Games).

In Brazil, Fenzi South America continues the task of market development and stabilization. The main mirrors factories of the country use Duralux paintings, while the most important producers of IG for both architecture and cooling choose the products of Glass Alliance (profiles, sealants and accessories) for their production.

Many economic and financial analysts agree that emerging countries or regions such as South America will grow steadily and continuously over the coming years. That is why Fenzi South America will continue investing, advising and supporting its clients to achieve the best results.

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