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The insulating glass market continues to grow. Designers are becoming more creative and, as a result, sealants are required to have higher performance features. The quality of the sealants that are used for insulating glass is therefore very important, and this is a very delicate aspect since it is something that is difficult to perceive right away. Only time can tell what is a good quality sealant and what is not.
The QPS – Quality Polysulfide Sealant) mark, has been designed to offer insulating glass manufacturers the opportunity to better understand the performance features of the polysulfide sealants on the market. The mission of this mark is to safeguard producers and users through the proven quality of the polysulfide sealants used in insulating glass production. In practice, sealants with this mark on their packaging fully comply with basic pre-established standards, which require products to be:

  • non-toxic: environmentally-friendly because they do not contain solvents and heavy metals such as mercury or lead;
  • reliable: produced with raw materials supplied by ISO 9001 companies with at least 20 years of experience in the sector;
  • fully usable: can be used in any system;
  • compatible: suitable for any climate or environmental condition and guaranteed to be long-lasting and waterproof over time;
  • universal: used worldwide;
  • compliant: comply with the requirements in force in all the countries where they are sold, including the new European standard EN-1279;
  • safe: ISO 9001 manufacturers are inspected regularly by at least two different institutes entrusted with the quality control of insulating glass;
  • tradition: produced by companies with at least 25 years of experience in the sector.

Given the importance of an initiative of this kind, it was essential for Fenzi to be part of the group of participating companies. Since May this year, the Tribiano-based company has been able to demonstrate that Thiover meets all the required quality parameters: all the polysulfide solvents leaving its production facilities will therefore show the QPS logo on the containers. This is an additional guarantee, especially for insulating glass producers in the newer markets, to obtain an excellent level of quality and to undertake any kind of sales campaign, even outside their own country, confidently and safely.

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