Environmental protection and energy efficiency: The two highlights at Glasstec 2010

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Despite repeated observations early in 2009 at the height of the recession that general difficulties threatened to put a stop to the booming green economy, the quest for better performance in energy savings and use of alternative energy sources has shown no sign of waning. As a matter of fact, the industry had already reached a point of no return before the crisis hit; no one today can afford to waste anything, not even the so-called emerging economies which, despite their flourishing financial condition, are struggling to meet the standards set by the technologically most advanced countries.

Given this firmly established trend,  environmental protection is not simply a need but  an opportunity for the most progressive companies. Just like the Fenzi Group companies, which, in keeping with their most recent strategic and production policies, will be showcasing an array of products designed with environmental protection and energy efficiency in mind at Glasstec 2010.

In the construction industry, energy saving is mainly associated with  thermal insulation for housing, shops, and large office complexes. The true star at Glasstec will be the Chromatech range, with Chromatech Ultra in the lead, a next generation spacer for IG developed by Rolltech. By combining a lower stainless steel part and an upper part in polycarbonate with a low moisture penetration index in a single structure, Chromatech Ultra guarantees a number of outstanding benefits in terms of thermal insulation. Chromatech Plus, a stainless steel spacer bar in the Rolltech range, is particularly suited for large  insulating glazing. Its unique design and the characteristics of the materials used make it the most stable spacer in the world. Since the elongation coefficient of stainless steel is very similar to glass, this prevents the butyl sealant from straining with long-term benefits for insulating glass.

Fenzi manufactures a wide range of sealants that are essential in optimizing IG energy efficiency. Glasstec will offer a close-up view of Thiover, the polysulfide two-part sealant meeting the most advanced eco-compatibility standards. Using this sealant, builders can obtain LEED® points and certify buildings under the American Green building rating system  soon to be implemented in Europe. These sealants are completely non-hazardous and solvent-free, have excellent mechanical properties and extremely low water and gas permeability.

To efficiently harness the new solar energy technologies, Fenzi  has developed Duralux Solar Coatings, a new range of solar mirror paints. These paints have reached such high levels of resistance to require new reference parameters for their specific testing, which Fenzi drew up in collaboration with the industry leaders.

Fenzi will also display its Tempver ceramic paints, highly rated in architecture and interior design as a result of their numerous color options. Particularly noteworthy is Aquaglass, the line of one-component, water-based decorative paints for the interiors of offices and homes, bathrooms and kitchens because of their distinctive color brightness and eco-compatibility. Two websites www.tempver.com and www.fenzi-aquaglass.com, dedicated to these two product lines, offer direct access to the formulas to obtain any color shade desired.

The Fenzi Group will be at a Glasstec 2010,  Hall 16 – Stand C47/C57

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