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There was just one small yet nevertheless important detail missing before Fenzi China could consider itself complete: the official inauguration. Now this piece of the jigsaw is to be successfully set in place. At the end of July the start of production at the new plant of the recently incorporated Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited is to be celebrated, attended by the highest local Chinese and Italian authorities in Shanghai, from the Italian consulate, Italian chamber of commerce for China and ICE, the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade.
Thus a new phase begins, initially a highly ambitious gamble but also a strong and carefully planned objective: to produce and distribute directly on site the Duralux mirror-backing paint, already well known and a best seller worldwide and now destined for the whole of the vast market of the Far East. The production systems, still impeccably shiny and pristine and without any of the typical signs of fatigue of “used” industrial systems, have completed the phase of tests and have been commissioned for full operation, scheduled as highly intensive in order to cover a demand that is growing at very high rates. It is effectively the headlong growth of the Chinese economy that is generating increasingly pressing demand for hi-tech products with a strongly competitive quality and price ratio. At this juncture, with its precious opportunity for companies with know-how and technology for export, looking ahead and starting to plan the next moves are inevitable. In Fenzi’s case this means preparing to extend production also to other product types with high potential for the Chinese market and the oriental one in general, such as ceramic paints and sealants. Progress with this project will naturally be dictated by the times and modes of development of the real economy, although everything points to the race continuing at the pace already seen in the past decade: the Chinese living standards, with necessarily the due adjustments, are increasingly approaching Western ones, which means that the entire production sector is preparing to sustain growth rates that are the highest in the world in absolute terms. For the Fenzi group building an increasingly effective production and distribution facility in China means strengthening its world leadership.

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