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For Fenzi the new is always instantly old and bigger and better things are always possible. On this basis a ground-breaking R&D centre came into operation last month at the company headquarters in Tribiano where all the research and development work for the various products of the Group for the second processing of glass is to be carried out in the near future. This new scheme, coordinated by Pietro Ungarelli, reflects the company’s philosophy which aims at being always one step ahead of the competition and at providing increasingly innovative solutions for customers, to anticipate and fulfil their every need.
The next edition of this newsletter will cover in greater detail this new and interesting facility which is set to make a significant contribution to corporate growth.



The major new assignment for the Fenzi Group is in Russian. The Tribiano company has begun to supply the copper-free mirror backing paints produced in Vilvoorde to the Russian plant of the multinational Glaverbel, a world leader in the production of mirrors. This is a real revolution for the production unit in Klin, 150 km from Moscow, and the entire relevant Russian market: the Glaverbel copper-free technology bypasses the problem of polluting effluent of copper and traces of lead in process waste. Fenzi is particularly proud of working alongside Glaverbel on this occasion, tackling the demanding yet highly promising Russian market in a totally new way, and therefore wishes to express its compliments to the management of the Belgian company on the new venture launched close to the Kremlin.



In 1995 the Fenzi Group gained ISO 9001 certification, demonstration internationally of the quality levels obtained and maintained by the company. However this certification is not renewed automatically and each year the Fenzi Group undergoes tests by experts. This year too, like last year, the company was once again granted ISO 9001 Vision 2000 certification. A great satisfaction yet nothing new for a company which has always made quality assurance one of the keystones of its activity.

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