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In November we sent out a circular to all our customers informing them of the increase in the prices of our products as from 1 January 2005. We were forced to apply this increase, which we had put off as long as possible, by the increase in the cost of almost all the raw materials, energy and transport. We are certain that you will understand our regret at having had to take this difficult yet essential decision that will allow us to continue to offer our customers the product and service quality to which they have become accustomed. Notification of the percentages of the increase, which vary according to the different products, will be given separately.



Last August the Fenzi Group took over from Akzo Nobel the business unit specialising in corrosion-preventing mirror backing paints. The production plants for these paints is that in Vilvoorde in Belgium. An agreement has now been signed by the Fenzi Group and Akzo Nobel whereby the Tribiano group also takes control of the area of coatings for tiles, also located in Vilvoorde and based on similar production technologies. The Fenzi Group has therefore entered an arena secondary to its specialisation, yet one that is interesting for the whole of Central Europe.



The Fenzi Group recently launched a support programme for CE marking in the area of glass. Soon this production sector will also be subject to European standards with the obligation of marking insulating glass by the end of 2006. Anticipating this need the Tribiano group offers all its producer customers a special programme of support for compliance to standards, a service of full consultancy on all the requirements within Europe, with special focus on specific and special problems. For information on this project please write to info@fenzigroup.com.

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