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Increases in the costs of raw materials are beginning to have a significant effect. The boom in world demand, caused above all by the frenzied development of new markets in Eastern Europe, India and China, has forced up prices generally, even if the gradual albeit indefinite fall in the cost of oil has formed a sort of ceiling. Nevertheless the general scenario remains in a state of flux: the high uncertainty of international politics and the increasingly threatening presence of serious upsets to world order create a situation of instability which has an inevitable effect on industrial costs. All this naturally also has repercussions on products by Fenzi, which has had to make adjustments, albeit limited, to its prices.



The recent compelling successes of Vetrim, the Polish subsidiary of the Fenzi Group that manufactures aluminium profiles for double glazing and markets Glass Alliance products, have led to a very high growth in demand and hence production too. In order to monitor closely the development of the business, intense throughout Eastern Europe, and maintain the high levels of efficiency achieved, Vetrim has decided to launch a new production line at its plant in Opole.
We will discuss this further in the next edition of Together Online and also describe the details of the operation.

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