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Rolltech, the Danish manufacturer of steel and stainless steel spacer bars for IG -- Chromatech and Chromatech Plus – has been conferred the prestigious Innovation Award 2007. The prize is awarded each year by Dansk Industri and goes to the most meritorious company for its investments and results in the area of innovation.
Rolltech was awarded this prize for several important reasons:

- a growth in sales over the past 3 years
- a constant focus on the development of new products
- significant export volumes, amounting to 80% of sales
- its high-level expertise deriving from the use of highly skilled manpower

Rolltech’s constant drive to upgrade its know-how is actually a common feature of all the members of the Glass Alliance network – Fenzi, Alu-Pro and Rolltech – which distributes the members’ IG products worldwide.



The steadily, and to a certain extent, alarming increase in petrol costs has led to a rise in the prices of raw materials. The trend is in now full swing and according to forecasts it is likely to continue in the medium-term. Worldwide demand for energy is soaring and alternative sources of energy, which still fall short of real needs, are unable to mitigate these increased petrol costs.
Companies have therefore found themselves bearing the burden of these price hikes in order to meet their own needs for supplies.
Feeling the impacts of this situation, the Fenzi group has had to apply a general, albeit modest, increase in prices for 2008. The sales team is available, as always, for further information or details.

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