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Rising raw material costs lead to price adjustments

As regularly occurs, the recent increase in the cost of raw materials used in the chemical industry has strained manufacturers who, on the one hand, are forced to accept constantly growing production costs but, on the other hand, must fund significant investments required for a reasonable research and development policy in order to safeguard the quality and performance of their products. There are no exceptions to this logic. So Fenzi has also had to adapt, and thus the leading products of the Tribiano group have undergone cost increases which, although kept to a minimum, require a revision of the price list for 2013. As customary, the personnel of the Fenzi sales team will contact the individual customers directly in order to provide them with correct information and allow for a precise case-by-case evaluation.


Fenzi group events in 2013

2013 will be an intense year for the Fenzi group, packed with events covering the most important areas of the global market. It all begins in May with China Glass, which will be held in Beijing this year from May 24 to 27. After the slowdowns of 2012, the Chinese race started picking up again in January. So China, the second economic locomotive after the USA, remains a crucial benchmark even for the Tribiano group which has been operating in China for more than 25 years. Right after that, on June 10 – 14, it will be Russia’s turn with the Mir Stekla event in Moscow: the date is a strategic one since it coincides with the kick-off of the building industry as it gets back into full swing after stalling throughout the long winter. North America appears promising, with the building and construction market in slow but real recovery. Thus it will be particularly interesting to attend Glass Build America, scheduled in Atlanta on September 10 – 12.
The year will then go out in style with Vitrum 2013, Europe’s most important trade fair this year, traditionally organized at the Milan-Rho Fair on October 23 – 26. It’s well-known that Europe is currently the weak link among the western economies, with Italy being particularly weak. But everything seems to indicate that the economy has bottomed out and the longed-for recovery, although slow, should begin to appear towards the end of the year. The Fenzi group will be at Vitrum 2013 looking forward to 2014 and the major milestones of a new race in the old Continent.

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