Flash news 2 2005

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The unique and important, although very new, British exhibition GP&T (Glass Processing and Technology), with its focus on glass processing, is to be held from 17 to 19 May at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. This is in fact only the second event of its kind, although its background is worthy of note: the “premiere” in 2003 gained excellent results in terms of quality and quantity of visitors and naturally as regards the calibre of exhibitors. This is further confirmation, should confirmation still be required, of the great importance of the UK market which, for the whole Fenzi Group in particular, plays a strategic and prominent role for the entire range of products relating to insulating glass. All the production ranges of the member companies of the Glass Alliance network will therefore be especially showcased, focusing specifically on presentation of the Chromatech and Chromatech Plus warm edge profiles from Rolltech, increasingly in demand on the market.


Mir Stekla, the trade show specialising in glass processing held in Moscow, is instead to open from 7 to l0 June. The companies that are part of Glass Alliance, i.e. Fenzi, Alu Pro and Rolltech, are to enjoy a foremost presence driven by the very strong growth enjoyed by insulating glass throughout regions of the former Soviet Union. Special emphasis is to be placed on the metal profiles from Alu Pro and sealants from Fenzi, the key products of the Group for meeting an increasingly high market demand. However the Glass Alliance presence is strengthening not only through the sale of products but also the technical service, through which the Glass Alliance network can now cover the vast territory of Russia entirely, is becoming another decisive factor in sales success.

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