Flash News 2 2010

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“Archimedes” solar energy inaugurated in Sicily

The first Italian plant for the production of electricity through solar thermodynamics was inaugurated in Priolo Gargallo, not far from the city of Syracuse. Constructed under the Archimedes Project, the plant implements ingenious solutions conceived by the Nobel Prize winner, physicist Carlo Rubbia, on behalf of Enea, using a mixture of mineral salts capable of reaching and maintaining extremely high temperatures to store the heat of the sun up to 600 degrees centigrade. The plant is considered a pilot project, with a battery of solar mirror with limited dimensions but with an exceptional capacity to concentrate solar energy, exactly like the physicist/mathematician Archimedes of Magna Graecia did during his time with completely different instruments.
Today, solar thermodynamics is one of the most prominent technologies dedicated to energy demands in coming years, as demonstrated by international projects like Desertech.  Will solar mirrors help us to free ourselves at least partially from our enslavement to petroleum? Many believe so, including Fenzi, which recently founded its new division Fenzi Solar Coatings, dedicated to the study and marketing of highly resistant paints for use on solar mirrors.


Hotver on stage together with thiover at Glass Build America

Glass Build America was held in Las Vegas from September 14 – 16, the most important review of the glass industry held annually in the United States.
The stars at the Fenzi North America stand were Thiover, the already renowned polysulfide sealant in the North American market, and Hotver 2000, the one-part hot-melt sealant which the Fenzi Group began distributing in North America through its branch in Toronto.  The first impressions have been excellent, propelled forward by its outstanding physical/chemical properties, which deliver optimal thermal insulation performance.  Greatly appreciated also for its ease of use and its reliability, Hotver 2000 allows IG manufacturers to take advantage of the best current market conditions, which has witnessed growth, albeit tepid, of the American GDP and partial recovery of the real estate market.


Glass Alliance production taking off in Russia

After two years of preparations, production activities are starting up at the new facilities in Lipetsk near Moscow, debuted to the public by the employees of Glass Alliance on the occasion of the recent Mir Stekla Exhibition.
Its core business will be production of Thiover polysulfide sealant and Alu-Pro spacers, and will give local glass processors and IG manufacturers the ability to handle supplies with rapidity and ample selection possibilities, above all with an emphasis on quality. In fact, the technological and qualitative standards are exactly the same as those of the other production facilities of the group distributed throughout the world, ensuring consistent yield and constructive safety of the finished product. In the next Issue of Together Online we will be offering a complete presentation of the new OOO Fenzi and OOO Alu-Pro companies.

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