Flash News 2 2011

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Fenzi is gearing up to ease possible strain in the sealant supply chain

The consequences of the tragic earthquake that struck Japan last March are being amplified around the world, as is to be expected in a closely interconnected global economy.
The shock wave is felt also in the area of sealants for IG units. In fact, there are serious difficulties in supply caused by the halt in production at the Toray Thiokol plant in Chiba, which manufactures and supplies 35% of the world’s polysulphide polymer. Production has been stopped since March 12th and full activity is not expected to resume before July.  The situation is further aggravated by problems restoring infrastructures and electricity throughout Japan, which deeply affect the supply chain. The entire supply chain is under pressure to produce other families of sealants as well (polyurethane, butyl, silicone and hot-melt). So, it’s possible that the problem of availability of sealants will be protracted, resulting in an attendant increase in product cost.
In an effort to relieve some of the pressure, the Fenzi group has put into effect a sales management policy that ensures availability of the product to its customary clients.


Spike in optimism and interest in Chromatech Ultra at Mir Stekla

Satisfaction over participation by Fenzi and Alu-Pro at Mir Stekla spotlights a surge in the health of the Russian market, which is demonstrating good levels of growth. Forecasts for the glass sector are excellent and, even though the season took off a bit late, year-end results should show a distinctly positive balance.
It was also the first time the Fenzi group participated through its two new companies OOO Fenzi and OOO Alu-Pro, the only Italian firms in the industry to have local production in Russia. The tangible display of enthusiasm made it possible to further expand awareness of the Fenzi group’s new manufacturing and distribution units among industry professionals. A growing interest in insulating glass for warm-edge technology was also apparent, for which Chromatech Ultra offered the most appealing, cutting edge and innovative solution.


Happy anniversary, Rolltech

Established in 1986, the world’s leading manufacturer of warm-edge profiles celebrates its 25h anniversary this year. Rolltech is known around the globe for developing the top technology in stainless steel profiles, including the launch of a third generation product -- the revolutionary Chromatech Ultra, which combines stainless steel and polycarbonate in a single structure. In 2001 it joined with the Italian Alu-Pro and, along with Fenzi, created the Glass Alliance network to offer glass manufacturers around the world all the products they need to produce insulating glass. In the forthcoming issue of TogetherOnline we’ll celebrate the event with a ‘profile’ of the Danish company and an interview with the key players in this successful venture.

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