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Gimav is the association that groups together Italian manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, accessories, equipment and special products for glass processing. Set up in 1980, it has marked up 25 years of activity and is about to celebrate this in the best possible way, at the Vitrum 2005 days. The celebration is de rigueur: Gimav has in fact achieved a very high status in the entire supply chain of glass processing, to the extent that the revenues of member companies account for approximately 80% of the total turnover in the industry and 77% of total exports.
The outstanding scale of loyalty of the members, whose number has grown constantly over the years, is highly significant. This is a source of great satisfaction for Fenzi, one of the founder members of Gimav and who has always believed in and staked a great deal on the association aspect both as a corporate commitment and personal efforts by the chairman, Dino Fenzi.



The Duralux mirror paints and the range of sealants for insulating glass took pride of place at the Fenzi stand at Glass Build America in Atlanta. From 13 to 15 September the products distributed by Fenzi North America in Toronto gave proof of their important presence on the North American market, starting in 1979 for Duralux and 2001 for the Thiover polysulphide sealant. This sealant has for a year now been produced directly in Canada, at the very modern Toronto plant, with considerable benefits for the numerous glass processors who have already been able to appreciate the qualities of Thiover: fast and prompt deliveries and no surprise from the fluctuations in the exchange rates.



Repercussions from the rise in the price of crude oil, now at seriously worrying levels for the entire world economy, are becoming apparent. Naturally not even Fenzi can avoid the pressure of inflation which is increasingly affecting the prices of raw materials and semimanufactures. The first to suffer are energy and chemicals, and later the entire distribution and industrial system. In order to continue to offer its customers the high product and service quality standards to which they have become accustomed, Fenzi must necessarily revise its price-lists. The price adjustment is to be as limited as possible, and is to be announced shortly.

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