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Hotver 2000 and Duralux Solar Coatings steal the show at Glass Build America

Despite the lackluster performance of the North American market at this time in 2011, also because the construction industry is practically stagnant, Fenzi’s participation at Glass Build America was very successful and attracted a remarkable amount of attention. This can largely be attributed to two products, Hotver 2000 and Duralux Solar Coatings.

The Hotver 2000 one component hot melt sealant is very popular in the United States because it is extremely practical, which means ease of use and reliability, making it a finished product that offers excellent value for money. Something that is of great benefit and help to IG manufacturers these days.

The range of Duralux Solar Coatings, another crowd-puller, attracted many visitors who feel keenly about energy savings and exploiting energy from renewable sources. This success definitely reflects forecasts that the entire industry is tipped to grow steeply within the United States: in fact, it is thought that this sector will provide the greatest stimuli for growth in employment because of the expected increase in global demand for solar energy throughout the 2009-2013 period. Duralux Solar Coatings is responding in a very positive way to these market trends, with its cutting-edge performance and extremely high mechanical and chemical resistance, making the entire range particularly well-suited for all CSP (Concentration Solar Power) solar energy systems.


Chromatech Ultra obtains CEKAL certification

Chromatech Ultra, the steel and polycarbonate warm-edge profile for IG by Rolltech, has received the prestigious CEKAL certification. This product now has full access to the French market thus opening up important new prospects for the company and the entire Glass Alliance network of which Rolltech is a member along with Alu-Pro and Fenzi.

This certification is a feather in the cap for Chromatech Ultra because of the special quality standards and criteria required. In fact, CEKAL certification sets requirements that only high quality industrial methods and products of advanced design can meet. These requirements apply to both product performance and the quality of the raw materials. CEKAL tests for spacer bars made from a combination of materials, as is the case with Chromatech Ultra, are the most advanced and complete in Europe. Each single material is accurately tested and the entire supply chain is examined to ascertain traceability. On top of this, special tests are performed to check for resistance to UV radiation and humidity as well as profile durability.
Only the best products pass these tests and are therefore placed on the market.
Products which conform to CEKAL certification are therefore a greater guarantee for final consumers.

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